Security Shield

We secure every server before deployment.

Advanced Security Shield

We configure and secure every server during deployment. After deployment, we offer managed security services to keep your server secure and updated.

  • Server Security
  • ClamAV Antivirus
  • 24/7 Support
  • Custom Rules
  • IP Based Security
  • Software Updates
Server Security
  • cPanel/WHM Security

    We configure cPanel and WHM settings during deployment to ensure optimal performance and security.

  • Firewall Configuration

    We install and configure CSF on every managed server during deployment. It restricts malicious traffic and helps to block hacking attempts.

  • Brute Force Protection

    We configure Brute Force Protection on every managed server during deployment. It protects your server from brute force attacks.

  • Disable Unused Services

    Any service or daemon that allows connections to your server may also allow hackers to gain access. To reduce security risks, we disable all services that you do not use.

  • Web Server Security

    We configure and harden the web server during deployment to increase the performance and block hacking attempts. Please do remember to update your scripts regularly.

  • PHP Security

    As versatile as PHP is, some modules are less secure than others. We harden the PHP installation on your server during deployment.

  • Mod_Security Configuration

    We install and configure mod_security during deployment to block malicious traffic to your web server. It helps to filter commonly used hacking attempts.

  • Antivirus and Malware Shield

    Scan your server anytime with ClamAV antivirus right from your control panel. Besides, if you want us to run a malware scan on your server, then you can submit a support ticket.